Triangle Area Mountain Bike Trails

From Wayfarer

These are some of the mountain bike trails in the Triangle area that I like to ride.

<googlemap lat="35.911298" lon="-78.877716" type="map" zoom="10" width="650" height="550" overview="yes" controls="large"> 35.840221, -78.776608, Rocky Road - Bootleg trail. Very rooty and rocky. 35.843282, -78.79446, Lake Crabtree County Park - Some of the oldest mountain biking trails in the Triangle Area. 35.854414, -78.754807, Umstead Park - No singletrack. Mostly fireroads. 35.834793, -78.777122, Sludge - Trail is mostly uphill when starting from Reedy Creek Road. 35.731464, -78.799524, Regency Trails - Bootleg trails that are in danger of development. Lots of trails already gone. Those that remain are fairly challenging. 35.939378, -79.071865, Chapel Hill "High School" trails (east side of railroad tracks) - Long XC trails. 35.937641, -79.079332, Chapel Hill High School Trails (west side of railroad tracks) - Shorter trails than on eastern side of railroad tracks. More freeride constructions on trails. 36.16279, -78.96801, Little River Regional Park - Very nice set of trails. 36.044033, -78.690777, Beaver Dam - Several loops ranging from intermediate skill level to advanced. 36.033136, -78.666744, New Light - Hunting grounds. Only open on Sundays during hunting season. 35.624791, -78.928871, Harris Lake - Has easiest beginner trail in the triangle. Advanced trail has very fun and long whoop-de-doos. 35.805563, -78.814716, Morrisville Trails - Bootleg trail. Mostly closed now, I believe. </googlemap>